Friday, 22 January 2010

Afternoon Naps mini-interview.

'Orange Paw' was one of those songs that became an instant favourite the first time you heard it. The soundtrack to a summer, it lead me to Afternoon Naps debut LP Sunbeamed, and a huge popcrush was developed. In 2009 the band repeated the trick with the outstanding single 'Mitten Fingers' (which made my Top 20 songs of the year) and subsequent album Parade. Here, co-songwriter/singer-in-chief Tom, answers a few questions...

Baby Honey:
Hello Naps! What are The Afternoon Naps songs (or LPs, or popshows) of the year?

AN: Last year my absolute favourite song was "Christmas Island" by Lake. Followed closely by "Horoscope" from Cats on Fire, the LPs by both bands were great too. The POBPAH is an obvious one, but classic nonetheless. Mostly I listen to more older stuff, obscure soul and pop psych 45s, and 80's jangle get top billing in my stereo usually, Dee Dee Warwick, Tammi Terrell type stuff.

BH: And what does 2010 hold for The Naps? Last time we met you drove us across a big bridge in a van with no brakes; do you have any plans for further death-defying stunts?

AN: Ha! yes driving across the Williamsburg bridge with you at 4am in our brakeless van is one of my life's favourite moments. I will never ever forget that. Anyhow.....In 2010 we have lots of cool things happening. We're actually playing a show with Ronnie Spector this week! She's one of my idols and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that would happen. Other than that I think we're looking at a bunch of small releases, some split 7"s and a 12" EP for sure. We'd like to tour this summer and fall too.

BH: When are you coming to the UK? Can we book you now? You can stay in our houses, drink tea and eat marmite on toast whilst watching The Bill, it'll be ace.

AN: I want to get us to the UK soon. I'm hoping the situation presents itself and is do-able financially, too. It's pretty expensive for a tiny band like us but, if we can get some help getting over there, then absolutely yes. The label was trying to maybe set one up this summer but not sure if it's gonna happen yet or not. Pencil me in for tea and marmite, I'll make it happen somehow.

BH: You've kindly allowed us to make 'Mitten Fingers' downloadable for our readers (or at least you haven't asked us to take it down yet), anything else knocking around on mp3 we could give them if they promise to go buy the album?

AN: I've attached a rare acoustic home demo of Orange Paw. I'm pretty sure you'll be into that!

BH: How's Cleveland? We haven't been there yet, but I imagine that you guys spend you days hanging out with Bears and making music in your basement. Is that close? Do you have day jobs? Where's the best place to get take-out? How are the Browns doing this year?

AN: Cleveland is hanging in there. We've got Craig from Bears playing drums for us now and we practice in his basement so YES your assumption is right on. Sadly, yes we all have day jobs. Our band consists of two teachers, a spa therapist, and a receptionist. Take out from Melt, an all grilled cheese restaurant cannot be beat! And the Browns, well if you know anything about Cleveland sports, is that it's a pretty dismal affair most years... but we love them unconditionally I guess.

BH: Tell us a secret.

AN: We're working on a secret set of covers only to be played at parties and encores.

BH: Do you have any tattoos?

AN: As far as I know only one of us has one - that's Leia - and it's of Pee Wee Herman's face. No joke.. she's a big fan.

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