Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Girls Names 12" EP.

Girls Names: Don't Let Me In (Captured Tracks 12" EP)

Judging by past releases Girls Names are huge fans of Beat Happening, but here they also crib a little bit of Crystal Stilts reverb-and-jangle, to fine affect. Title track 'Don't Let Me In' breezes by in a woozy kind of a way, sounding not unlike a more relaxed Veronica Falls, but 'Graveyard' is the real stand-out here; with Cathal T Cully's Calvin Johnson-esque vocals wrapped around a chiming, Flying Nun riff (as seems to be all the rage at Captured Tracks these days) and lots of nice, atmospheric echo. Somehow both epic and restrained, this comes highly recommended. And they're from Belfast, not Brooklyn! And the cover is dead nice! What more do you want?

Hear 'Don't Let Me In' on their myspace, or 'Graveyard' here.

Order the 12" here.

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