Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New singles round-up. Dum Dum Girls, A Smile And A Ribbon, Allo Darlin'.

Dum Dum Girls: Jail La La (Sub Pop free download)

Not a new single alas, but a re-recorded and cleaned-up version of a cracker from back before Dee Dee signed for Sub Pop and hooked up with super-producer Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Go-Gos). While it's nice that the song has been pared back to the extent that you can now actually hear the lyrics, and it's undeniable that this version sounds a lot more likely to become a proper P!O!P! hit, I can't help but miss the echo-chamber reverb and scree of the original. Still a great tune though. Download for free here.

A Smile And A Ribbon: Den Lille Havfrue (Cloudberry 7")

A plaintive harpsichord* intro that sounds not unlike the beginning of the very song from which ASAAR take their name kicks off this beautifully wobbly ballad. Indebted to fifties doo-wop, early rock'n'roll and (as always) sixties girl groups, 'Den Lille Havfrue' is full of talky breakdowns, marimba, and slightly off-key backing vocals. An utterly charming, totally brilliant single. Order the 7" or download for free here.

*possibly dulcimer.

Allo Darlin': Dreaming (Fortuna POP! 7")

Yes, we know we've reviewed this already, but now you can feast your eyes on this lovely video and download the song for free!

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