Monday, 17 May 2010

Save 6Music!

We'll be playing some records this Saturday at the Save 6Music demo. Make sure you come down to show your support for the UK's best national radio station (and the only one likely to play any of the bands featured on this blog) and we'll see you down the front for 'Joy Division Oven Gloves.'

Here's the organisers spelling out exactly why you should attend:

"On Saturday 22nd May at 12pm, we will gather together outside Broadcasting House for a second time to protest against the closure of BBC 6Music.

We have lined up some fantastic live bands and speakers as well as as a stage and PA so you can see and hear everything perfectly! This demonstration of support for the staff of the BBC, musicians, and all connected with 6Music will mark the end of the consultation process.

What the BBC proposes is unacceptable. We believe BBC 6Music should retained as a station in it's own right - broadcasting 24 hours a day, hours a week, not a sister station to any other BBC station or lost altogether.

6Music is the only place that caters for our diverse tastes, giving us access to the BBC's rich musical archive and offering valuable exposure to new music that may not otherwise be heard on a national radio station. The DJs play music they are passionate about to an audience who are passionate about music.

So please join us on May 22nd. Come along to show your solidarity and support; bring a flask of tea and have a sing-along all in the name of saving 6Music. Invite everyone you know who might not have been invited through the Facebook group and let’s make this a protest to remember!"

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