Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Beach Fossils: New single on Captured Tracks.

Is the Flying Nun label becoming more of an influence on Brooklyn bands than even, say, Black Tambourine? To my ears there's always been a strain of Dunedin Sound DNA buried within the layers of fuzz and scree that make up The Crystal Stilts wall of noise, and now here's Beach Fossils - coming on like a cross between early Clean and 'Pink Frost'-era Chills. Their new single on Captured Tracks is called 'Daydream' and already sounds like a minor indie classic beamed back from New Zealand circa 1986.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Smittens mini-interview.

Hello Smittens! I'm interviewing you because your wonderful cover of the Just Joans 'What Do We Do Now' (from your seven inch split EP on Wee Pop!) made my Top 20 Songs of 2009 list. How does it feel to be in receipt of such an overwhelming accolade?

Well that was some great company to be in. And clearly we couldn't have done it without the genius song they wrote.

And how did that collaboration come about? Were you good friends with the Joans beforehand? Can we expect similar projects in the future? Maybe with Transmittens?

We wanted to cover one of their songs after we saw them play the first time in Glasgow. We were on the books to release a single on WeePOP records, and invited them to join us because we enjoy gimmicky symmetry and of course we wanted to hear what their cover of one of our songs would sound like, and, lucky for us, they were game. As far as future collaborations go, there's nothing currently on the books, but you never know.

Similarly, what are The Smittens favourite songs (or popshows or LPs) of 2009? You don't have to do twenty, I know that you're busy people.

The Littlest Smitten says her favorite pop show was seeing Gordon M. from Ballboy playing in the church at Indietracks.

The Charming Smitten says: The Middle Ones at London popfest, Suburban Kids in San Fran (the night after the SF popfest) or the POBPAH Valentines show in Burlington, VT.

The Greek one says: San Fransisco Popfest final Tullycraft show

The Lady Smitten says: I fell in love with Cats on Fire last summer at Cosy Den.

And the Dashing says: The Would-be-Goods at Twee as Fuck last February, Burning Hearts in Stockholm, Speedmarket Avenue at Indietracks, Just Joans at the Nottingham all-dayer in November. I've been addicted to all these bands' records this year.

Your performance at Indietracks last summer was one of the highlights of the year for us here at Baby Honey Towers. Any other favourite moments of 2009?

3 Smittens got married a week apart in 2009 (two of them to each other). It was really the year of doing everything we dared ourselves to do. Also finally touring Sweden--better known as the Magic Kingdom of Indiepop.

And what does 2010 hold for the band? New records? Are you coming back to the UK? Can we book you? We'll start stockpiling the Newcastle Brown.

Yes, yes, and yes please. Though Colin still hasn't gotten over the fact that they don't have Newcastle on tap in Newcastle. 2010 holds some time in the studio recording a new album, the release of our addition to the Tullycraft Covers compilation (put out by LA Tool & Die), the release of our latest album, The Coolest Thing About Love on vinyl, a cover of a Cars Can Be Blue song for the HHBTM 10 year anniversary compilation, and for sure, a UK and European Tour. We are also confirmed to play NYC popfest and Indietracks, and have been invited back to play Cosy Den as well.

How is Vermont? Is there much of an indiepop 'scene' going on in Burlington? Are you aware of the British band called Vermont? They were pretty good actually.

We love Vermont. As far as indie pop goes, we are currently sitting in a room with 80% of the indiepop people in this state (it would be 90% if Max was here). There is a big indie community here in Burlington, VT but it spans a variety of genres and media--artists, farmers, dancers, folk musicians, bakers, and more. It's an amazingly creative, conscious, and beautiful little place and we totally feed off that and hopefully give something back as well.

We're big fans of Wee Pop! and think that Camila is, like, totally rad, but can you tell her to stop making the packaging for the 3" CD-Rs so pretty? Sometimes it's heartbreaking to have to open them and spoil such beautiful design.

First off, Camila is the bees knees! You've seen her cd artwork; what you don't know is that she makes a mean veggie lasagna and is the best host in all of the UK! If you buy two of every release, you wouldn't have to worry about whether your only copy got ripped.

When I cack-handedly attempted to interview you and The Pocketbooks last time we met, you mentioned that you very much enjoyed discovering some particularly British delicacies such as Marmite and Newcastle Brown Ale. In the spirit of cultural exchange, are there any US or Vermont-based
foodstuffs us Brits should know about?

We have really good locally brewed beer here in VT. And great local cheese. and obviously there are those guys Ben and Jerry. You might want to check out spelt pretzels, fluffernutter sandwiches, half and half in your coffee, and when in New York, Dominican breakfasts of yellow rice, black beans, and eggs (with a side of fried sweet plantains). PS don't be fooled by the Canadians: Vermont maple syrup is the best. In fact, it's nearly sugaring season.

Tell us a secret.

We can be real bitches. If we're on stage and all wearing stripes, it's not actually a coincidence...

Do you have any tattoos?

Both Dana and David are inked in places we can't divulge.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Thanks to everyone who came down on friday and had birthday cake and danced their arses off. Also many thanks to our bands Still Corners, Northern Portrait and Shrag who all put on great shows! We love you all!

Our next night is mere month away but if you can't wait that long we suggest you try and get the last few remaining ticket for the London Popfest where you'll see great bands (Wake! Dorotea! Ballboy!) and also be able to dance when our own Daniel of So Tough So Cute is djing on the friday event at the Buffalo Bar.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Baby Honey #2 Tonight! Shrag, Northern Portrait, Still Corners, free CDs, dancing!

Last call for Baby Honey #002. Yes it's tonight, so polish up yr dancing shoes!

Baby Honey #002. Shrag, Northern Portrait, Still Corners! Dancing 'til 4am! Free CDs for early birds! Don't miss!

Don't forget to stick around after the bands for the world-famous Baby Honey/So Tough! So Cute! soundclash, when DJs from Malmo, Miami and London will spin the very finest in Indiepop, Girl-Groups, Northern Soul, Post-Punk and Scandipop for your delectation.

Baby Honey #002
Friday 12 February 2010 at 9:00pm
Buffalo Bar

259 Upper Street, Highbury Corner
London N1 1RU
United Kingdom
Facebook event event
Songkick event

And if that wasn't enough of a treat, those lovely Northern Portrait boys have kindly let us share a couple of mp3s with you, as a taster for tonight!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

'Forthcoming' Allo Darlin single previewed on Fortuna Pop! website.

Allo Darlin': Dreaming (Fortuna Pop!)

Known to anyone who has seen the band play live recently as 'the one with Monster Bobby' this is a gorgeous, world-weary duet, propelled by dreamy lap-steel and the beautiful harmonies provided by the intermingling of Elizabeth Darlin's crystal clear voice and Bobby's more sonorous tones. In songwriting terms, the arrangement and structure provoke memories of the (sorely-missed) Lucksmiths, but the vocals are pure Indiepop Nancy & Lee. Heart-stoppingly pretty.

No release date yet (as far as I could tell) but you can hear it here. And here's the video, which is so good it even manages to make Piccadilly Circus look like a nice place!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New single from Bonne Idée.

Bonne Idée: A Dream Of You (Cloudberry 7" 1015)

Bonne Idee have made some of the most fragile and beautiful pop music it's been my privilege to listen to over the last couple of years, and 'A Dream Of You' is no exception; being a thing of downbeat, understated elegance.

Imbued with a particularly Swedish melancholy, it's gossamer-thin and sounds like it may fall apart at any moment - but in a good way. A very good way.

You can pre-order the seven inch from Cloudberry (or download the mp3 for free) here.

And here's a video of them playing on a tram that makes my heart melt every time I watch it.

Black Tambourine reform (sort of)! Record new tracks (sort of)!

Black Tambourine have revealed in an interview with Washington City Paper that they have completed four (four!) new recordings for an upcoming compilation album. The tracks consist of two originals; 'Lazy Heart' and 'Tears Of Joy' plus covers of Suicide's 'Dream Baby Dream' and Buddy Holly's 'Heartbeat'.


Here's the video for 'Throw Aggi Off The Bridge' just in case you'd forgotten how brilliant they were/are.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Help Stamp Out Loneliness: Plastic Trash Vortex Remix EP.

Anyone who has caught one of my DJ sets in the last few months will be aware of my deep and abiding love for the Help Stamp Out Loneliness track 'Plastic Trash Vortex' (included in my top 20 tracks of 2009 mixtape). Now those lovely folks at Where It's At Is Where You Are have made a remix EP available, free to download, featuring re-workings by DJ Downfall and Tall White Guy. Also available is the 'lost' Airport Girl single 'Salinger Wrote'. Go get!

This Friday: Baby Honey 002!

Baby Honey #002. Shrag, Northern Portrait, Still Corners! Dancing 'til 4am! Free CDs for early birds! Don't miss!

Baby Honey #002
Friday 12 February 2010 at 9:00pm
Buffalo Bar

259 Upper Street, Highbury Corner
London N1 1RU
United Kingdom
Facebook event event
Songkick event