Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Photos from July clubnight!

Yes, yes, we know these are well overdue! We've been busy having fun at Indietracks, watching The Pooh Sticks do an ACE set, and hosting our Indiepop Guess Who? workshop.

Anyway, enjoy! Click on the photos to see more on our Flickr page.

The Lovely Eggs

Hotpants Romance

Anastasia in a Liechtenstein sandwich

Evans The Death

Songs For Children DJs


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Baby Honey tomorrow! Four bands! Songs For Children DJs!

Huzzah! Tomorrow is almost here so get ready for our yummy line-up of FOUR (count 'um 4) bands! As usual we'll be getting dizzy on the vodka-fuelled dancefloor after the bands with lovely guest DJs Songs For Children hailing from Hong Kong!!


Liechtenstein are one of the the most exiting bands around, being as they are three young women from Goteborg, Sweden who make brilliant music reminiscent of Dolly Mixture, Shop Assistants and the Modettes. They also run the brilliant record label and online shop Fraction Discs and have played with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Comet Gain, among others.This band are truly special.


The Lovely Eggs were on of the highlights of last year's Indietracks, playing brilliantly wonky songs about accordions, falling of your bike and birds. Featuring ex members of legendary 90s band Angelica, The Lovely Eggs cook up a sound that veers from crunching guitar frenzy to whispery quiet bits. Look out too for the mighty Drumcycle!


Hotpants Romance is obviously one of the best band names of all time, and also happens sums up the band perfectly. A riot grrrl sonic assault a'la Huggy Bear or Bikini KIll done up to the nines in (you've guessed it) hotpants. Not to be missed.


Evans The Death are inspired by the likes of The Field MIce, The Wedding Present and The Sea Urchins. The make exquisite odd-pop some between Help Stamp Out Loneliness and The Arcade Fire and have just finished their GCSEs.

Songs For Children (Hong Kong)
Anastasia Cohen (Baby Honey)
Rory Mackie (Baby Honey)

And as a taste of what's to come Liechtenstein have new excellent summer tune, downloadable for free from Fraction Discs: