Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Free Tender Trap download and New Brilliant Colors single!

Tender Trap: Girls With Guns (Fortuna Pop! free download)

The current incarnation of Tender Trap are probably my favourite line-up the band have ever had. The recruitment of Elizabeth Darling and Katrina Dixon seems to have granted a new creative lease of life, and last year's 'Fireworks' was probably their best work to date. So it's great news that the band are releasing a new LP in the summer. To celebrate record company types Fortuna Pop! have made this track available for free download. Check out the endearingly silly no-budget video too, and ask yourself the question; "just how many times am I going to see Elizabeth Darling's red duffelcoat featured on this blog?"

Brilliant Colors: Never Mine (Slumberland 7")

Anyone fortunate enough to have caught last year's fantastic Introducing Brilliant Colors LP will be hugely excited by the news of a new single from the band. And it's just what we've come to expect from them; a fuzzed-up, punky take on indiepop reminiscent of The Shop Assistants at their most thrashy. Two tracks of goodness available here. They also play The Scala on the 23rd June.

Do You DIY?

Bank Holiday weekend is just around the corner and we'll be playing records at this DIY all-dayer on Monday May 3rd. There'll be bands, zines, stalls, fun & games and it's FREE before 6pm. Awesome.

This is all happening at The Old Queen's Head in Islington. We might even manage to sneak in some cake.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dominic of él Records playlist:

Here's what the super nice Dominic (pictured on the right) played at our él special. If you loved the Another Sunny Day and Blueboy re-issues this is the man to thank for making it happen

Five or Six - Portrait
Marden Hill - Curtain
Stars Of Aviation - Marie Et Accordion
A.C. Marias - One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing
Nightingales - Don't Blink

The Flatmates - Don't Say
The Would Be Goods - The Camera Loves Me
Blueboy - Popkiss
Momus - John The Baptist
Man From Delmonte - Australia Fair

Hidden Cameras - Ban Marriage
Confetti - Who's Big And Clever Now
Felt - Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow
King Of Luxemburg - Valleri
McCarthy - Red Sleeping Beauty

Confetti - It's Kind Of Funny 
Monochrome Set - Jet Set Junta
Bad Dream Fancy Dress - Discothèque
Jens Lekman - Summer On The West hill
Cloudberry Jam - When Tomorrow Comes

Thanks so much Dominic!

Baby Honey #005. Vic Godard, The Hardy Boys, Blood Oranges

Come one, come all to Baby Honey #005. This month we're over the moon to present a living, breathing legendary art-punk, bohemian and ex-postman genius in Mr Vic Godard and his Subway Sect, the great 'lost' band The Hardy Boys and young upstarts The Blood Oranges.

As ever we will play the very best in indiepop, post-punk, northern soul, and girl-groups for a clued-up and appreciative dancefloor 'til the wee small hours.



Malcolm McLaren eh? Whether you think the man was an iconoclastic visionary who bent pop culture to his own mighty will, or simply a scruffy looking bloke who hung around with the Sex Pistols, it's an incontrovertible fact that one small act of his at a Sex Pistols show in 1977, changed the face of Indiepop forever. Spying a young punk fan called Vic Napper in the audience with his pals, the impressario called them over and told them, "you lot look like a group - you should form one." They did. And the rest isnearly History.

Vic Napper, of course, became Vic Godard - and his pals The Subway Sect. Within two weeks of that fateful meeting they'd been recruited for the 100 Club punk festival alongside The Sex Pistols (and a nascent Siouxsie and the Banshees) and signed up for The Clash's infamous White Riot tour. Subway Sect went on to record the punk anthems 'Nobody's Scared' and 'Ambition' and then promptly split up during sessions for their intended debut LP.

Since then Vic has carved out a career of startling uniqueness. A huge influence on the likes of Orange Juice, The Television Personalities and The Jesus and Mary Chain (as well as pretty much every one of the original C-86 bands), he's re-invented himself by turns as a rockabilly rebel, big band leader, and swing balladeer; all the while maintaining a level of song-writing genius that would have most of today's bands spitting out their M-Cat in slack-jawed wonder.

In this special show Vic will perform mostly material from the Subway Sect's prime. Don't miss.


Sometimes pop music is just about being in the right place at the right time. Greenock in 1985 wasn't it. Sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are, how you pour your heart and soul into your songs. Sometimes pop music is just happening somewhere else. But then, thankfully, sometimes people come round. Sometimes it takes a new decade, heck, a new century for pop music to realise that you'd been great all along. As good, if not, better than Aztec Camera or Blue Aeroplanes, or whoever all the young turks seem to be name-checking in interviews these days. The Hardy Boys for instance, only learned of their 21st century cult status when a friend alerted them to the fact that their 'Wonderful Lie' single was changing hands for exorbitant amounts on ebay. So now; London in 2010. Blogs are being written, anthologies compiled, gigs booked. Sometimes the right time and the right place are 400 miles away and 25 years in the future.

Blood Oranges are four Leeds University students aged 20, 20, 20 and 21 and make sparkling boy/girl pop music with hanclaps and stylophone. Sounding like a more relaxed Los Campesinos!, they've recently signed to Dance To The Radio and are about to support The Primitives!

Baby Honey. Friday 14th May 2010
The Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper St, London N1 1RU. 020 7359 6191
9pm - 4am. £6/5 (flyer/concs) £3 after bands have finished.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New singles round-up. Dum Dum Girls, A Smile And A Ribbon, Allo Darlin'.

Dum Dum Girls: Jail La La (Sub Pop free download)

Not a new single alas, but a re-recorded and cleaned-up version of a cracker from back before Dee Dee signed for Sub Pop and hooked up with super-producer Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Go-Gos). While it's nice that the song has been pared back to the extent that you can now actually hear the lyrics, and it's undeniable that this version sounds a lot more likely to become a proper P!O!P! hit, I can't help but miss the echo-chamber reverb and scree of the original. Still a great tune though. Download for free here.

A Smile And A Ribbon: Den Lille Havfrue (Cloudberry 7")

A plaintive harpsichord* intro that sounds not unlike the beginning of the very song from which ASAAR take their name kicks off this beautifully wobbly ballad. Indebted to fifties doo-wop, early rock'n'roll and (as always) sixties girl groups, 'Den Lille Havfrue' is full of talky breakdowns, marimba, and slightly off-key backing vocals. An utterly charming, totally brilliant single. Order the 7" or download for free here.

*possibly dulcimer.

Allo Darlin': Dreaming (Fortuna POP! 7")

Yes, we know we've reviewed this already, but now you can feast your eyes on this lovely video and download the song for free!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Cannanes mini-interview and download!

Frances Gibson from the legendary Cannanes here takes time out from her incredibly busy schedule to answer some questions exclusively for Baby Honey!

It's such a treat to have The Cannanes back! And with a new single and British shows too! I'm very excited about the forthcoming split with (Baby Honey favourites) Summer Cats and Soft Paw in particular. Can you tell us a little about how that single came about and what will be on it?

Well the song is called 'Truth B2031A.' It’s a little bit about bushfires as they were much on our mind at the time as 50 houses burnt down where we live and 173 people died not too far away(Feb 2009). Scott from the Summer Cats has long been a friend and also a supporter during some bad OS touring experiences and he asked us to do it, and we are pleased to oblige of course. Not sure what will be on it from the others as we haven't heard it yet.

There's three(!) new albums on the way too? How is this even possible? What form do they take and when can we expect to hear them?

How is it possible they haven't come out 5 years ago is more the question! But stuff happens in life and sometimes you cannot get what you would like done unfortunately.

Well there is one album we recorded a few years ago which we are not so sure about and may come out in the form of an EP maybe. There's some good songs but the band wasn't really together when recording and we didn't do that great a job. The sound is sort of arty barbecue like I guess...

Second album we recorded with Explosion Robinson in New York and he is working on this but is so busy it will take a while. I expect it will be well worth the wait as he is a whiz to put it mildly. There's some pretty good songs on that one.

Then...there is the album we recorded just before Christmas known as LAWN 2 (Love Affair With Nature 2) which was recorded with Francesca Bussey and David Nichols and James Dutton - people we have played with on older recordings. They are coming this weekend to work on that one and get most of the overdubs done we hope.

I won't even go on about the 40 tracks we recorded with Stewart Anderson a number of years ago which are sitting on an old Mac and one day we hope will be finished off if technology can reach back that far in time.

And you're playing Indietracks! That's going to be amazing. Have you been before or heard about it? It's quite the most perfect festival ever.

It looks pretty fabulous. I was supposed to be back in Sydney well before then but pleaded to get the trip extended as it looked good and something unusual and the chance mightn't come again. It is so long since I have spent any time in England it will be odd. I lived in London for a year once and spent quite a bit of time in Nottingham and when I went back to Australia I was so miserable and thought I had made a bad choice by coming home . I recovered long ago of course but it will be good to be back even if for a short while.

And tell us a little about 'Short Poppy Syndrome' the Cannanes documentary. Were the band involved in the making of it all? The UK premier is coming up right? Didn't you design a Converse trainer too? How on earth did that come about?

We were only involved in the making of the film by being in it I think . With some dreadful hairstyles etc on my part I remember. The film makers moved on to other things so it was never quite finished but will have a showing in Newcastle with live performance and we hope may be able to come out with a Best Of compilation

We were going to put out a Best Of in the near future but Stephen said last week he is so excited by the new recordings we have to wait to see what should go on there from then.

The film is by turns funny and rather embarrassing but what can you do? It is the past. I hope it makes sense to people who don't know the band.

The shoe - Well Converse asked us to contribute to 100 artists designing shoes and we got Davo as we knew he would do a good job. They are a pretty impressive shoe I have to say and I don’t give a toss about shoes normally

Let's go back to the beginning. How did The Cannanes form? You (Frances) were a founder member right? How did the hook up with Calvin and K come about?

Despite being around since 1985 it is often pointed out cruelly to me that I am NOT a founding member. You know I can't remember but its all at www.cannanes.com- Here's a sample

"The Cannanes really began as an imaginary band of David Nichols, featuring friends Annabel Bleach and Michelle Cannane. The fiction sort of became reality when David moved to Sydney from Melbourne in Oct. '84. This lineup did not really change until early '85, but Michelle was rarely available, besides which, none of the members could actually play instruments. However in December one song was recorded with these 3 involved

Annabel and David had written some lyrics, notably "The Cannanes"(later changed to "Tales of the Brave Cannanes" to suit their fixation with 60's supergroup Cream "Ode to Cream " (aka "Shower Scene Backstage at the Fillmore"): Stephen ONeil who lived across the road had written music, or so he claimed, and so one afternoon in December the four rehearsed in the 'family room' at 202. At this session they composed and recorded "The Cannanes" and "Ode to Cream" (one rendition of which featured a guest performance from "Triffid" Alsy MacDonald), the same versions now found at the beginning of "Rarities". This is the first time Annabel sang in the group. David was too nervous to play. Many songs were composed over this 3 month period, sometimes with and sometimes without Fran.Gibson Towards the end of the band's usage of this title, Stephen, Annabel and David recorded the 12 copies of the cassette single "Life"/"It's Hardly Worth It" individually. 3 shops were chosen to sell 3 copies each. Covers were individually made.

Then Fran, Stephen, Annabel, David and Michelle combined to record what was to become "The Cannanes Came Across With The Goods." It was to be a C30 cassette, side one beginning with "Hell & Back" and side two with "Sunday". "Bone " was to be excluded as it was cut off half way through. Many more songs had been composed including "Happy Was A Fly", "Skeleton is your Little Boy", "You're So Groovy", "Sunday" and "Gloom Turns to Boom" (pt.2).

The line-up in the Cannanes Mk. 2 was usually Annabel, David, Stephen, and Fran more often than not. A,D + S had busking forays in the streets of Sydney, including one marathon outside the Hellenic Hall recalled here by David's brother -

"In 1985 I was 16 years old. I was studying year 11 biology at high school. My main interests were gardening and golf. Something has changed in the intervening period... At easter time of that year my sister and I visited David in Sydney. His house had a tabloid newspaper poster in the kitchen which said "Skeleton is your little boy". On Saturday night there was some kind of benefit concert at the Hellenic Hall in Abercrombie St. with lots of punk bands playing. The Cannanes took two guitars and a drum, some cider and Tamsin and me and set up a sign outside saying "the Cannanes play 40 of their greatest hits" (or something like that). Not much money or interest was raised, but I do seem to remember an ugly drunken couple dirty-dancing (ahead of their time) to some tune or other, accompanied by Annabel's taunts. It took me a bit more than all this to convince me that The Cannanes were a 'band' but it was a start."
Michael Forbes Nichols Sydney, Australia 27/7/1990"

Calvin and David were/are pen pals. We played with him on recent Australian tour.

What's the line-up of the band at the moment? I believe you have a kind of rotating cast of oddball geniuses currently.

I don’t know about genii but David Nichols and Francesca Bussey and James Dutton are doing stuff and we hope others like Stewart Anderson and Shintaro Kiyonari and Guy Blackman and of course Explosion Robinson will in the future,

It will be just Stephen O'Neil and I in the UK and we hope to have help from Sarandon folk on bass and drums for a couple of songs.

You're heavily involved with the campaign to save small live music venues in Australia. What's the situation with that at the moment? Is there some kind of petition our thousands (cough) of readers can sign?

There was a great march in Melbourne-Basically it is about the usual- gentrification and people not wanting music in their areas and also badly thought out legislation trying to curb alcohol fuelled violence which doesn’t even happen in most original music venues, but laws were passed requiring bouncers even for a pub with an acoustic guitarist in it and forcing live music to stop at 12 pm and even earlier. And charging very expensive licence fees.

There is a petition I have signed but not sure about online. You know anyway - Think globally, act locally - so you readers go and make sure you look after music in your town!

What are The Cannanes listening to at the moment? Have you heard Milk Teddy, the band that Scott Summer Cats has been producing? We like them.

No haven’t heard Milk Teddy. I have been listening to some music from some surfing people - Windy Hill from Byron Bay and a reissue of the Chads Tree albums and stuff from Canadian songwriters James Keelaghan & Hugh McMillan - kind of folky - and Djan Djan who are : Mamadou Diabate, Bobby Singh & Jeff Lang whom I saw on the weekend, and I bought that Grizzly Bear album, and I had a ridiculous Stevie Nicks phase for a while

Tell us a secret.

I saw the Pixies and they were bad. Is that a secret? A real secret is that we haven’t played since one night in Mexico City in 2008 and I am rather scared about our shows in the UK.

Do you have any tattoos?

Nuh. I can't think of anything I would want indelibly written on me. I did think for a second I could have the word Newtown (where I lived and am about to live again in Sydney) once but I would never bother. Pain is to be avoided in my world. Most tattoos are a bit pathetic I have to say but I don't care if others want them. I am surprised they are still in fashion though.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Chocolate Barry and Mr Wright

Thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating él records and the release of the Blueboy re-issues. Our guest Dominic played lots and lots of good records and we'll have his playlist up on the blog shortly. Then Mr Wright, looking sharp as hell, played a truly wonderful set, his voice during Tomorrow Not Today transforming the Buffalo Bar to a velvety cocktail bar. And then Chocolate Barry, sadly one guitarist down, played a funfilled dancey set. It was truly awesome to hear classic songs like Popmusic Crazy and I Cry Because Of You Argentina live. They also played a stunning version (a Monochrome Set version I've been told) of Primal Screams 'Velocity Girl'. And last and not least thank to everyone who danced afterwards and stayed and had a fun time. Hope to see you all on may 14th again!

In a wine cellar in Paris we managed to find a box of untouched copies of Chocolate Barrys classic Cucumber Trees & Ice Cold Lemonade CD. These are for sale for £10 + shipping (or pick-up in London

Here's what we managed to capture on the night!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Black Tambourine compilation out now!

The new Black Tambourine compilation is now available from Slumberland. That is all.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chocolate Barry Pick él

Have we got a treat for you this sunny glorious sunny morning! Monsieur F. of Chocolate Barry has taken time from his busy schedule, no doubt teaching fencing to cheating husbands in Moscow or racing the Italian mountains preparing for Tour des Flandres, to put together his favourite tracks from él records and Cherry Red

Chocolate Barry Pick él
1. The Monochrome Set - The Jet Set Junta
2. Shock Headed Peters - I Bloodbrother Be
3. Always - Metroland
4. Fantastic Something - If She Doesn't Smile (It'll Rain)
5. Marden Hill - Oh Constance
6. The King Of Luxembourg - Valleri
7. Louis Philippe - Domenica
8. Thomas Leer - Letter From America
9. Would-Be-Goods - The Camera Loves Me
10. The Raj Quartet - Whoops! What A Palaver


We also have a treat for you who may not have heard Swedens best kept secret that is Chocolate Barry. Here are a two tracks for you to take to your heart before the coming show on fridays Baby Honey where we also have the classy Mr. Wright playing live and Dominic of Cherry Red doing a DJ set.

Her Worldwide Search
Popmusic Crazy

Hope you can join us for this amazing night and please send in requests for songs to dance to!

Buy tickets

Baby Honey #004 él & Cherry Red Special with Chocolate Barry and Mr Wright celebrating the re-releases of the Blueboy albums on él records


Dominic (él/Cherry Red)
Daniel Novakovic (So Tough! So Cute!)
Anastasia Cohen (Baby Honey)
Rory Mackie (Baby Honey)

Friday 9th April 2010
The Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper St, London N1 1RU. 020 7359 6191
9pm - 4am. £6/5 (flyer/concs) £3 after bands have finished.