Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Baby Honey this Friday - a last one for a while!

Wells, kiddos, we got some news: good and bad.

Let's start with the bad: we're wrapping up our clubnight for a while as we've all been busy bees! We will keep up the indiepop spirit with So Tough! So Cute! and shiny new cassette tape label Cool In A Crisis coming at ya this autumn. Keep a lookout for our future DJ gigs, more blogging, and pop action!

In awesome news, we're putting on two excellent acts this Friday: The Hardy Boys and Phil Wilson. Guest DJing comes from the wonderful Upsidedownia - two lovely Italian ladies!


The Hardy Boys boys are returning to Buffalo Bar as part of a short tour to promote their new EP Under the Piccadilly Clock, released on Bubblegum RecordsDon't forget to pick up a copy - we've been listening to the tracks non-stop! These pop heroes emerged 25 years ago, but have only learned of their cult statues when their single Wonderful Lie, became an eBay treasure, selling for some exorbitant amounts of £££.

Here are a few free treats from them, one old (lost in 1986 and never released) and a new one (available on the EP).

Phil Wilson is a founding member of the June Brides , whose mix of guitar pop with viola and trumpet formed a blueprint for many of the C86 bands that would follow. Following the end of the June Brides, Phil Wilson began a short solo career, releasing singles in the late '80s. He is now back after 25 years away from music. He will be playing a mix of June Brides, his solo singles, and tracks from the new album "God Bless Jim Kennedy", which will be released on Slumberland and Yesboyicecream Records in November.

And, to remind ourselves of September, let's watch this super 8 video: The June Brides - In The Rain

Anastasia Cohen (Baby Honey)
Rory Mackie (Baby Honey)

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